Who we are

Established in 1991 Mega Holdings Uganda Limited is an Import and Export Company .We specialise in the processing of grains of varied types for the export market .We are expanding our facility to include a state of the art milling and silos plant which processes and stores our grains.

Our Main Goal

To be The leading grains import and Export
Services company in Uganda

Our Mission

To this date Our mission is to supply the highest quality of grains available to our esteemed clients.

Corn Export

Corn and soybeans

Maize is the staple food of many countries.Corn is used to produce corn and starch oil, corn flour, animal feed, and many industries, energy and biofuels. The benefits of corn for health are numerous, and this is due to its rich content of beneficial nutrients

Soya: There is a fact that soybeans have been a favorite of millions of people for thousands of years. Soy is one of the most useful types of beans in the world. It is the most protein-containing plant. It contains about 40 percent protein, so much so that it is called soy protein. In one or more areas of man