Mega Holdings
Uganda Ltd

At Mega Holdings Uganda Limited, we process and export quality and natural seeds and grains .Our produce is thoroughly selected and cleaned to world export quality.We especially deal in natural Sesame ,assorted beans,Maize,Groundnuts,Soy beans,Millet,Sorghum,Cow peas and Rice.

Our Produce

We are one of the leading exporter of sesame,maize,beans,cow peas,soy beans,sorghum,millet and cassava flour mainly for use in pharmaceutical industries in Uganda.



Assorted Beans

Our Story

In Supply Of The Best natural Grains Since 1991.

Established in 1991 as a grains  export and import company .Over the years Megaholdings Uganda Limited specialised in the processing of different varieties including sesame,maize,beans,cow peas,soy beans,sorghum , millet and cassava for use in pharmaceutical industries.


Pesticides free

Fresh & Healthy

Nutrient rich

100% Organic


Our Facility

Home Of
Natural Clean Grains always.

We Export
The Following Grains and Seeds